Did you know Medical Insurance may cover some dental procedures?

Did you know Medical Insurance may cover some dental procedures?



More and more jobs are not giving their employees dental insurance as the price of medical insurance keeps increasing. But a lot of people don’t know that some dental procedures may be covered by your medical insurance policy.  If you do have dental insurance, usually you have a yearly maximum of $1000-$2000.  If you have had any major dental work done, you know that you can blow through your dental insurance maximum fairly quickly.  The nice thing about medical insurance is that the yearly maximums are usually in the 100s of thousands of dollars.


What Dental Procedures May be Covered?

Teeth extractions, bone grafting (where we add bone to an area in order to place an implant), and dental implants may be covered.  Medical insurance covers dental procedures when they feel that the infection, pain, or lack of teeth effects the rest of the body.  We can pre authorize your medical insurance and get a general idea as to how much they will pay.  We also offer interest free financing to those who qualify.

Do you have pain related to grinding your teeth or have a TMJ condition?  We have had success getting medical insurance to pay a large portion of the fees associated with treating TMJ pain and grinding through night guards.


Medical insurance may also pay on 3D X-rays.  We take these prior to root canals or if we need to place an implant, as well as an oral cancer screen.  Medical insurance may pay if we need to take these in the case of trauma or infection.

Medical insurance will pay for dental procedures in response to trauma.  The key is seeing a medical professional (school nurse, ER, doctor or nurse practitioner) and getting a letter simply stating that the patient received a dental issue in response to the trauma.  This can be anything from falling off a skateboard or getting into an accident.

Sleep Apnea effects many and a CPAP mask is sometimes used. Dental “Snore Guards” in some cases, may be used instead  If you are snoring and have seen a medical provider and have had a study, ask if you may be a candidate for a dental sleep appliance.  The most important step in getting Medical Insurance to cover is to see a medical practitioner first, and that medical practitioner needs to make the call if a Snore Guard may work as well as CPAP.


Call our office for a free consultation and Medical Insurance Evaluation at 818 783 2981 or email us at augustdds231@gmail.com.  We can send in for a pre authorization and let you know how much Medical Insurance will pay!







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